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BeautyBarkPlus Delivers Delivers to Athol, ID Delivers to Colbert, WA Delivers to Colfax, WA Delivers to Davenport, WA Delivers to Deer Park, WA Delivers to Endicott, WA Delivers to Fairfield, WA Delivers to Freeman, WA Delivers to Kellogg, ID Delivers to Latah, WA Delivers to Loon Lake, WA Delivers to Mica, WA Delivers to Newport, WA Delivers to Oaksdale, WA Delivers to Plummer, ID Delivers to Priest River, ID Delivers to Reardon, WA Delivers to Rosalia,WA Delivers to Rockford, WA Delivers to Sandpoint, ID Delivers to Sprague, WA Delivers to Sringdale, WA Delivers to Spirit Lake, ID Delivers to St. John, WA Delivers to St. Maries, ID Delivers to Suncrest, WA Delivers to Teokoa, WA Delivers to Tyler, WA Delivers to Valleyford, WA Delivers to Wallace, ID Delivers to Wilbur, WA

Attention Eastern Washington & Idaho: BARK SALE ON NOW

When buying bark check out these low, low, wholesale prices:

Premium Fines at $20.00 per cu.yd. picked up

SUPER SALE: Premium Med-Fine at $15.00 per cu.yd. picked up at the main yard ONLY (Broadway exit)

Premium Medium at $25.00 per cu.yd. picked up

Deliveries are available 7 days a week so call 509-922-2266 for your delivered price.

We also deliver large quantities with our semi up to 126 cu.yds


We accept Visa and MasterCard

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Good Measures!!

No Beauty Bark Plus we give full old fashioned measures

Beauty Bark Plus - Spokane Landscaping Supply

Beauty Bark Plus, Inc., has been in business at the same location in Spokane going on 25 years now and we owe it all to you....the greatest people in the world have walked through our doors.   Beauty Bark Plus, Inc. has Spokane's finest landscaping supplies. Whether you are looking for sand, gravel, dirt, bark, or manure compost, we have plenty for your needs. We deliver or welcome you to stop by and pick it up. Thank you for visiting us.

Look what our Manure can do

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