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Sandy Loam

Screened natural top sand.

Red Lava Rock

1 inch natural lava rock.

Crushed Driveway Rock

5/8 inch minus. Great for driveways and walkways.

River Rock

1 1/2 inch washed decorative grey rock.  Also good for drainage.

Round River Rock

3/4 inch decorative grey rock.

Pea Gravel

3/8 inch or smaller decorative grey rock.

Manure Compost

Totally organic, no chemicals added. Will help build up your soil when mixed in.

Premium Lawn & Garden Soil

Screened black topsoil with 20% well-aged manure compost mixed in.  No sand added unless requested.  Great for all types of planting needs.


We have shredded red fir in three sizes fresh from the mill almost daily.   Shredded bark interlocks to control weeds and keep the moisture in the ground.

  • Fresh Premium Bright fines: 1 inch minus
  • Because of the denseness of fine bark it takes nearly 2 times the volume to make a cu.yd. and therefore gives more value for your investment. As the fine bark ages, it mulches into the soil. Price is now on sale at $20.00 a cu.yd. when picked up at our location.
  • Premium Medium: 2-3 inches and smaller.

Medium-Fine combination now in stock, also at only $20.00 per cu.yd. picked up while supplies last